Aamras (Mango delight )

Aamras is very popular sweet of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India. Aamras is also served as sweet in marriages in Maharashtra and Gujarat during mango season. Aam means mango and ras means juice. So literally aamras means mango juice or pulp. There are lot of variations to make aamras in India. Some make by adding milk or cream. I like pure taste of mango so I don’t add anything except sugar if required.

Generally Alfonso or ‘afus’ variety of mango used to make aamras. But you can use any variety of mango which is not fibrous. In Maharashtra  they add cardamom powder in aamras and In Gujarat we use ginger powder and ghee in aamras while eating it. You can add what ever flavor you like or eat it as plain.

It is very easy to make recipe. It is generally served with puri or roti (Indian bread).

Aamras (step by step with photos)

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Serves: 4-5 servings


5-6 Alfonso mango

Sugar as required

Water as required

Ginger powder and Ghee for serving


1) Peel mango skin and chopped them in small pieces.

Aamras recipe

2) Blend it with the help of blender or grind it in mixture grinder. Add little it water if its too thick.

Aamras recipe

3) Taste aamras and add sugar as required. Blend it well.

Aamras recipe

4) Then chilled it in refrigerator and served with ginger powder and ghee.

Aamras recipe

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