Achari Paneer Paratha (stuffed flat bread with cottage cheese)

Achari paneer paratha is new addition in my list of stuffed paratha. Generally I make Aloo paratha or mix Veg paratha for dinner. Paneer parathas and aloo parathas are staple food in panjabi homes they usually make it for breakfast.

I used spicy pickle masala in this recipe to give it a more spicy taste. This is a recipe that quick  to make and very filling. Stuffed parathas are good option for kids lunch box. I served it with plain curd or green coriander chutney.

Achari Paneer Paratha (step by step with photos)

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes | Total time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 6-7  servings


For Stuffing:

100 gram Cottage cheese (paneer) crumled

1 small Potato boiled and mashed

1 small Onion finely chopped

1 tablespoon Fresh Green Coriander finely chopped

1 teaspoon Ginger -Green Chilly paste

1 tablespoon Spicy Pickle masala (Achari masala)

1 teaspoon Garam masala powder

1 teaspoon Red chilly powder

Pinch of Turmeric powder

Salt to taste

For Dough:

1 Cup Whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon Oil

Pinch of Salt

Water as required

Butter or Ghee for frying


1) Take all the ingredients for stuffing in one bowl and mix well.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

2) Make 6 -7 equal size of balls out of stuffing.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

3) Mix whole wheat flour,oil and salt in one bowl.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

4) Knead a soft dough with water from it and divide it in to 6-7  balls.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

5) Now roll in to a small thick disk and put one stuffing ball inside it.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

6) Join the sides of dough and press well.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

7) Then roll the dough in flour and flatten it using a rolling pin.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

8) Heat a tava and cook paratha using little ghee or butter, till golden brown spots appear on both the sides.

Achari paneer paratha recipe

9) Serve hot with curd or green coriander chutney.

Achari paneer paratha recipe




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