Bhavnagari Pav Ganthiya

Pav ganthiya is Gujarati delicacy you will only find in famous roadside food corner called “Lachchu na Ganthiya” in Bhavnagar (Gujarat). It is very tangy and spicy snack. It is made with Ganthiya (fried spicy chic-pea sticks), Pav (bread) and onion chutney. It is very easy and quick recipe.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes | Serves: 4 servings

Bhavnagari Pav ganthiya (step by step with photos)


8 slice Whole wheat bread

1 packet Tikha Ganthiya

4-5 medium size Onion

1 tablespoon Red chilly powder

2 tablespoon Lemon juice

3 glass of Water

salt to taste

1) Peel off onions and cut it in slices.

Pav ganthiya recipe

2) Take onion in grinder and grind it coarsely.

Pav ganthiya recipe

3) Now add water, red chilly powder,salt and lemon juice in that and mix well. chutney is ready.

Pav ganthiya recipe

4) Take 2 bread slice pieces in one bowl.

Pav ganthiya recipe

5) Add Ganthiya and chutney over it and pav ganthiya is ready to serve.

Pav ganthiya recipe

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