Green Coriander Chutney (spicy coriander dip)

In India we generally serve snacks with green coriander chutney or with sweet chutney. Green chutney can be made with mint leaves too, but I used only coriander leaves for this recipe.It is very easy to make and quick recipe. It is spicy and slightly tangy in taste.

Green Coriander Chutney (step by step with photos)

preparation Time: 5 Minutes | Total Time: 6 Minutes


2 cup Fresh Green Coriander leaves

3 Green Chilly roughly chopped

1 inch Ginger roughly chopped

1 tablespoon Raw Peanuts

1 teaspoon Cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon Sugar

1 teaspoon Lemon juice

Salt to taste


1) Wash Coriander leaves, green chilly, ginger and peanuts in one bowl.

Green coriander chutney recipe

2) Now take all the ingredients in mixture jar and add cumin seeds in that and churn it in mixture.

Green coriander chutney recipe

3) Then add sugar,salt and lemon juice in that and churn again to make a fine paste.

Green coriander chutney recipe

4) Serve it with snacks.

Green coriander chutney recipe


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