Instant Gunda nu Athanu (Green berry stuffed with raw mango)

Gundas are a variety of green berry. It is known as Fragrant man jack. Since it is only available from March to June, It is bought to be made in to a pickle. It is a very traditional recipe of Gujarat. But today I cooked these green berries to make an instant pickle. you can preserve it in fridge for a week. It will go very well with Aam Ras (mango pulp).

Instant Gunda nu Atahnu (Step by step recipe with photos)

Time:Preparation Time: 15 Minutes| Cooking Time: 10 Minutes | T0tal Time: 25 Minutes


500 grams Gunda (Fragrant man jack)

1 Raw Mango

2 tablespoon Spicy Pickle Power (Crushed mustard seeds,Salt and red pepper powder)

2 tablespoon Oil


1) Wash and De stalk gundas. Gently break them. With a tip of a knife scoop out seeds and sticky substance.

2) Now grate the raw mango.

Gunda nu Shak recipe

3) Mix pickle powder in raw mango.

Gunda nu shak recipe

4) Now Stuff this mixture in Gundas.

Gunda nu shak recipe

5) Then add 2 tablespoon oil in microwave safe bowl and add gundas in that.

Instant Gunda nu Athanu recipe

6) Sprinkle little bit of water on that and micro it for 3 minutes.

Gunda nu shak recipe

7) Mix it well and micro it for 4 minutes. Now insert a knife in gunda if it’s soft it’s done and if it isn’t then again micro it for 2 to 3 minutes.

8) Your instant gunda pickle is ready to serve.

Gunda nu shak recipe


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