Raw Mango Chutney

Raw mango chutney has been prepared with raw mango,jaggery and red pepper. It is very tangy sweet and spicy in taste. It is go very well with Thepala and puri.

Raw Mango chutney (step by step with photos)

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes |Cooking Time: 5 Minutes |Total Time: 10 Minutes


1 Big raw mango

1/2 cup Jaggery

1 tablespoon Red chilly powder

1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds

1 tablespoon Oil

Salt to taste


1) Wash raw mango peel and cut it into small chunks.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

2) Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds in it.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

3) When it crackled add raw mango chunks and salt in that and cook until it become soft.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

4) Now add jaggery in that and cook it for 2 minutes.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

5) Finally add red chilly powder and mix it well.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

6) Your Raw mango chutney is ready.

Raw Mango chutney recipe

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