Surati Sev Khamani


Sev Khamani is very popular snack of Surat city in Gujarat so it is called Surati Sev Khamani. It is very tempting and fulfilling. Sev khamani is made with split chick-pea and topped with chutney and sev. This tangy and spicy dish is good option for breakfast.

Surati Sev Khamani (step by step with photos)

Preparation Time: 7-8 hours | Cooking Time: 20 Minutes | Total Time: 8 hours and 20 minutes

Serves: 4 serving


2 cup Split chick-pea (chana dal)

1/2 cup Butter milk

2 tablespoon Ginger and green chilly paste

1 tablespoon Garlic

1 teaspoon Black pepper powder

1 pouch Ino

2 tablespoon Sugar

1 tablespoon Red chilly powder

4 tablespoon Oil

1 teaspoon Mustard seeds

Salt to taste

For Chutney

4 tablespoon khamani

2 tablespoon Green chilly and ginger chutney

Water as reqiured

For Serving

1 cup Sev

1/2 cup Pomegranate

1 finely chopped Onion

2 tablespoon Freshly chopped Green coriander


1) Soak split Chick-pea for 7 to 8 hours.

sev khamani recipe

2) Now drain water and grind it coarsely in mixture grinder.

sev khamani recipe

3) Add black pepper powder,butter milk and salt in it.

sev Khamani recipe

4) Meanwhile boil one glass water in boiler.

Sev Khamani recipe

5) Add ino in mixture and whisk in one direction.

Sev Khamani recipe

6) pour mixture in greased tray and cook khaman dhokala for 10 minutes.

Sev Khamani recipe

7) Insert knife in that and check if it is done then take out and let it cool down for sometime.

Sev Khamani recipe

8) Crumble khaman with hands.

Sev Khamani recipe

9) Heat oil in pan and add mustard seeds in that.

Sev Khamani recipe

10) Then add garlic paste and ginger-green chilly paste in that.

Sev Khamani recipe

11) Add crumble khaman,sugar and red chilly powder in that and mix well.

Sev Khamani recipe

12) Take 4 tablespoon khamani and green chilly and ginger chutney in one bowle and mix well. chutney is ready to serve.

Sev Khamani recipe

13) Take Khmani in serving bowl topped it with green chutney, onion, sev and pomegranate.

Sev Khamani recipe



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