Veg Fried Rice

Veg fried rice is one of the most popular dish in Indo- Chinese cuisine. This vegetarian  recipe is very easy to make and yet tasty. Usually  fried rice served in Chinese restaurants in India they use ajjinomotto as it enhance all flavors but due to controversies associated with it , I do not use it in my recipes. You can still get very good taste without using it.

In this recipe I used carrot, bell pepper and french beans but you can add vegetables as per your choice. You can add green peas,mushroom, cabbage etc. It is generally served with dry or gravy Manchurian.

Veg Fried Rice (step by step with photos)

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes |Cooking Time: 15 Minutes |Total Time: 30 Minutes

Serves: 2 serving


1 1/2 cup Long grain Rice

2 cup Chopped Vegetables (Carrot,bell pepper, french beans)

2 tablespoon  Chopped Spring Onion

1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic

1 tablespoon Ginger and Green chilly paste

1 teaspoon Chinese seasoning (Optional)

1 teaspoon Black Pepper powder

1 tablespoon Vinegar

1 tablespoon Soy sauce

5 cup Water

1 tablespoon Oil

Salt to taste


1) Take 3 cup water in microwave bowl and add rice in it. Soak it for 10 to 15 Minutes.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

2) Now add 1 teaspoon oil in it and microwave it for 10 minutes.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

3) Check with your fingers if rice is cooked Al Dante then drain excess water from it and        keep aside.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

4) Now boil 2 cup water in pan and add chopped vegetables in it.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

5) Par boil vegetables and drain excess water from it.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

6) Heat oil in pan and add ginger and chilly paste in it. saute for few seconds.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

7) Now add chopped garlic and saute till it becomes slightly brown.

Veg Fried Rice rcipe

8) Add chopped onion in that and saute for 1 minute.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

9) Now add vegetables in that. Add black pepper, Chinese seasoning, soy sauce, vinegar and salt in that and mix well.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

10) Now add rice in that and mix slowly.

Veg Fried Rice recipe

11) Serve hot with dry or gravy Manchurian.

Veg Fried Rice recipe



1) If you like crunchy vegetables then you can skip step 4 and 5 and  you can add chopped vegetables in oil and saute it for few minutes.




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